Ginny Arnold Music

Fun and Learning Together
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Give your child the gift of music, a gift that lasts a lifetime!


MUSIC for Kids!
Ages 3-10

Piano, Rhythm and Ear Training Classes
1st Avenue & Colorado Blvd     

"We’ve been a part of Ginny Arnold Music for over 7 years. Music is a strong priority for my children and being a part of Ginny Arnold Music has helped them thrive. "

Thanks Ginny Arnold Music!"

The Muwanga Family



"At Ginny Arnold Music we offer fun and educational piano, rhythm and ear training classes for children ages 3 to 10.  


Our classes are held in small, age-appropriate groups and use a fun approach to teaching piano skills, note reading and writing, musical concepts and ear training.  Research shows that the ideal time to begin musical training is in early childhood when your child's musical ear is developing most rapidly!


With this training your child will have a strong foundation for future musical experiences. With self motivation, a well-developed understanding of and feel for music, a sense of rhythm and pitch, and experience with note reading and piano playing your child will have a lifetime gift!

Music is a Gift that Lasts a Lifetime!

     1st Avenue & Colorado Blvd




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